Our team came together before the filming of the first of the new series of Robot Wars.  Terry, Ben, and Mike has previously been on Robot Wars with St. Agro.   Terry was asked by the producers if he still had a robot he was willing to enter for series 1, unfortunately St. Agro had been sold to team shock (and has been renamed to Maelstrom) so a new robot was needed.  Mike knew both Ed and John from University who both became part of the team, and the design process started.

The Blake pub in Sheffield became our regular place to meet and discuss the design and construction of the robot (hence the team name) and over many pints and packets of pork scratchings our design took shape.

  • Ben Carlin
  • Ben handles the teams social media, publicly,  and the teams money.  Ben has been on the original run of Robot wars, however he has grown a bit somewhat since then. Ben spends a large proportion of his time creating 3d experiences, and 360 deg films.

  • Dr Edward Overton
  • The teams friendly neighborhood physicist.  Ed deals with almost all the teams Maths and Science related questions, and takes the lead on our electronics.  Ed has been involved in almost all the design and construction areas of the Robot and is frequently quizzed by members of the team, to which his usual response is “I’ll do some Maths”. After the Maths our design choices become a lot more clear, yay science.

  • John Brown
  • John (for no particular reason) is the team Captain. John’s been involved in most the design and construction work and is the team member who does most the CAD work, he’s also writing the control software for the robot.

  • Mike Carlin
  • Mike is the teams driver, and the person who brought all the people in the team together.  Mike drove St Agro in the original run of Robot Wars, and at the live events it competed at.  In the time since the last time he drove Mike has been honing his skills on various video consoles and pc titles. Mike has been a Master level player of League of Legends (the author of this text does not really understand exactly what that is, but he knows its a good thing), so Mike has surprising good reaction times.

  • Terry Carlin
  • Terry is the member of the team who knows what he is doing, as he’s the one who’s built a robot before.  Terry competed in the original run of Robotwars with St Agro, and did quite well.  Terry has been involved in most the design and construction work, and keeps John and Ed’s feet on the floor by being the most practical member of the team.  Terry is also the only person on the team to have made other team members.